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Our Lineup

Sugar Grove


Dry Cured Flower

As our lead cultivator says, flower needs to hit the five levels of good to be considered quality bud: 1.) look good. 2.) smell good. 3.) break-up good. 4.) smoke good. 5.) get you high good. Hitting that good is what we strive for with our premium A-buds. Hand trimmed and precision cured, our dried-cured flower is the result of our exclusive genetics, choice inputs, and the attention given to our small batch cultivation.

Sugar Grove


Live Rosin

The foundation of Sugar Grove is our love for solventless concentrates and it shows when you see our award-winning, single source, Live Rosin. Utilizing ice-water to mechanically separate the resin heads from the plant leaves a truly “pure” hash product. Then, our exact pressing and amenable curing bestows a creamy and wet Live Rosin badder emanating with poignant aromas of its base genetic. Depending on our processing, we bring you one of our three premium rosin grades: Select, Finish, and Full Spectrum.


Selecting our 90u/120u bags, we bring you our “select” tier Live Rosin. This limited selection filters the most ripened resin heads for maximum nose and taste in your dab.


Finishing the remaining washes of the cycle, and combining our 40u/70u/90u/ and 120u bags, we bring you our Finish-Grade Live Rosin. Often showing a deeper hue, these pulls are full of mature heads, pack a potent terpene rich nose, and still give you that same mouthwatering blitz.

Full Spectrum

When the terps are rare but the flavor is too
good not to go all in, our Full-Spectrum Live Rosin does not prioritize the pulls, combining all the micron screens into one grade for a true, full spectrum experience.

Sugar Grove

Diamonds N' Sauce

Live Resin

Some strains wash well while others require more nuanced extraction to isolate their resin heads. Using hydrocarbon solvent to extract our WPFF material resin dissolves a greater part the original terpene and flavinoid profiles. We often find our saucy Live Resin mixtures come with chunky THC diamonds, and on rare occasions, honeycomb webs of THC crystals. When you are hunting for fire resin’s, you match the tool to the strain and beautiful things happen.

Sugar Grove


Dry Cured Resin

Our DC concentrate’s stem from the extraction of our premium flower products. Expertly dried and cured, our dry-cured material holds millions of resin heads aged to maturity and bursting with the profiles of your favorite strains concentrated into a powerful dab. We look for those strains where every part of the plant holds a manifestation of that saucy crystal resin, and It’s all systems go when you recognize the awesome potential of your genetics.

Sugar Grove


Baked Goods

Like cannabis cultivation and manufacturing, baking is an art that takes a deft hand to bring you something special. That why we partner with experienced bakeries that use our premium solventless food grade to infuse a wide range of delicious confectionery. Always a rotating menu, check back frequently for new drops!

Sugar Grove



With its clean and euphoric high, our food grade is the perfect ingredient in your favorite gummy-candy-sucker. We are constantly on the hunt for yummy gummies and love working with creative kitchens who find unique ways to re-invent our favorite sweets.

Sugar Grove


Live Rosin Carts

What’s better than dab rips on the go?  Dab rips on the go of our mouthwatering solventless live rosin flavor’s. Preserving the natural integrity of our Live Rosin, we do a minimal post processing of our rosin concentrate to produce a viscosity optimized for vaping. What you see is what you get, 100% pure Live Rosin hash in a vaporizer cartridge.

Sugar Grove


Live Resin Carts

We fill our carts with only premium Live Resin sauce. No distillation, no alterations, no additives, ever. The natural viscosity of the terpene concentrated sauce of our Live Resin is the perfect consistency for reliable and fulfilling vape rips. So, dial your pen, sit back, and enjoy the full experience of our connoisseur grade resin with a vaporizer.